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3 Racing introduces their entry into the hotly contested 2WD electric off road buggy class, the “Cactus”.
Built from the accumulation of over 18 months of research and development, prototyping, testing and driver feedbacks, the result is a buggy that’s competitive straight out of the box at a reasonable price due to our improvements in the manufacturing processes.
The Cactus is fully adjustable to adapt to any track conditions, the kit includes all the parts need for Mid Motor 4 Gear Gearbox setup or the traditional Rear Motor 3 Gear Gearbox setup.

The Cactus in Rear Motor drive configuration

The Cactus in Mid Motor drive configuration

Machined Anodized Alum Pivot Pin Brace/Stiffener

- No E clip design throughout.

Rear Anti Roll Bar Mount (Anti Roll Bars not included)

- Replaceable Rear Pivot Pin brace allows rear toe and anti squat adjustments.

Wide Rear Wheel Hubs

-Minimizes axle vibrations and toe angle variations .

-Rebuildable Universal Driveshafts with bearing captured driveshaft pin design.

Industry standard Double Slipper Clutch

- Slipper Pad Housing made from machined hard coated 7075 Alum.

-Machined Anodized 7075 Alum Motor Mount.

Impact resistant composite Motor Guard

12.5mm Big Bore Shocks

-Composite Shock Caps with Oil Bleed Holes.

-PTFE Coated Threaded Alum Shock Bodies.

-Titanium Nitride Coated Shock Shafts.

Front and Rear 12mm Wheel Hex adaptors included

Front Suspension

-Trailing Axle Spindles.

-Oversized 5x10x4 Front Spindle Bearings.

Carb Forward High Downforce body

Molded Slipper Clutch dust guard with easy access hatch rubber sealed hatch

Stiff Composite Front and Rear Arms with Reinforcing ribs

Long Wheelbase Super Narrow Chassis molded composite chassis


- Optimised Ackermann Steering System minimizes any unwanted inside wheel play at maximum steering lock.

-Servo horn integrated adjustable servo saver.

Integrated Chassis Wiring Tunnels

Main Chassis

-Composite Rigid Battery Mount Plate with Flex Control System (Rear Motor only).

-Centralized ESC Mounting Graphite Plate.

Oversized Ball Caps throughout

Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may feature minor updates and improvements.

5,900 THB
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