ฮ.คุณภาพสูงราคาพิเศษจาก Blade USA

  • BLH3980_a0.jpg
    Product DescriptionNote: Prototype helicopter shown in image galleryKey FeaturesAS3X® Flybarless SystemPowerful, 6700Kv brushless main motor8100Kv brushless tail motorIncludes fast...
    6,900 THB

  • 1.jpg
    Product DescriptionKey FeaturesAS3X® Flybarless SystemPowerful 6730Kv brushless inrunner motorShaft-driven, variable-pitch tail rotorSymmetrical 135mm main rotor bladesSpektrum™ 2....
    8,900 THB

  • BLH3600_a0[2].jpg
    Blade M CPX V2 ชุดพร้อมเล่นProduct DescriptionKey FeaturesAS3X® Digital Flybarless SystemIntegrated flybarless unit increases stability, control and power, providing the user the u...
    3,900 THB
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